The Organ at Albion

AlbOrgBuilt by T.C. Lewis in 1894, the splendid organ was the gift of Mr. Abel Buckley and cost two thousand guineas. It was rebuilt in 1953 when the organist Dr. Norman Andrew and the choir raised a considerable amount towards the cost of £4050, which paid for a new electro-pneumatic console was fitted and for all of the pipes to be removed for cleaning and revoicing, the whole of the 600 reed pipes being sent to the works of Rushworth & Dreaper in Liverpool for this.The main item was the provision of a new console and the addition of new stops by the re-grouping of pipes.

There are now 47 speaking stops spread over the four manuals and pedal board, 2200 pipes that range from a few inches to 16 feet in length, 853 magnets, 3000 electrical contacts and 4 miles of wiring, making it a comparable instrument to the one standing in Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall. No alterations were made to the Lewis’s tonal scheme.

See historic photos and listen to the Lewis Organ played by Jonathan Scott

Here are the records of the work carried out on the Organ:

Primary Sources

  • 1872 Hill Est Bk vol:02 page:119 job:1418  [3m org [no.25 with adds] £750]
  • 1872 Hill Shop Bk vol:01 page:037 job:1418
  • 1889 Hill Est Bk vol:03 page:541 job:  [est: re-erect, clean, repair £150]
  • 1894 Lewis Ord Bk vol:01 page:003 job:0534  [‘Register ‘F’: 4m org £2290]
  • 1895 Lewis A/C Bk vol:01 page:351 job:  [org £2200]
  • 1897-1912 Wadsworth A/C Bk vol:02 page:517 job:  [tune, clean, repair, etc]
  • 1907 Lewis Shop Bk vol:04 page:037 job:  [‘Register ‘J’]
  • 1921 Wadsworth A/C Bk vol:04 page:444 job:  [visits]
  • 1922 Jardine A/C Bk vol:01 page:073 job:0527  [repairs to feeders £11]
  • 1923 Jardine A/C Bk vol:01 page:097 job:0563  [remaking Tuba reservoir £12]
  • 1924 Jardine A/C Bk vol:01 page:137 job:0641  [repairs £7]

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