December 2013

Dear Friends, We recently had some new carpets fitted at the manse, and when the carpet salesman came to “measure-up” he advised me that some loose floorboards needed to be secured before the carpets were laid. Thinking I might do something useful, I decided to nail them down myself. It didn’t seem to be too hard, after all the holes were already there in the floorboard, so all I needed to do was to hammer a nail in. Wrong! As I nailed one of the boards down, I became aware of a gentle hissing noise – you’ve guessed it, I had driven the nail into a water pipe. Fortunately, it didn’t create a great leak, but nevertheless we needed to get it repaired. So we turned off the stopcock, rang the emergency call-out engineers at 5pm and were told someone would call by 10pm. We waited and waited, without a water supply, but no-one arrived. Eventually, an engineer came the next morning to repair the damaged pipe – but not before he had done the same thing as me and hammered a nail into a heating pipe! Waiting can be frustrating! My little tale of woe reminds us that December is a time of waiting. We are in the season of Advent and we are waiting to celebrate the coming of a tiny baby who would grow up and transform the world. And over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas in our worship our thoughts are focussed on those people who were waiting: Mary and Joseph, John the Baptist and so on. Their waiting was also a time of preparation; it was an anxious time as well as an exciting time. For Christians today, Advent is an opportunity for us to prepare while we wait. To clear away all the clutter that gets in the way, and to make ourselves ready, spiritually, to welcome the new-born king. Waiting is to be our theme at the Quiet Day – as part of your Advent preparation, why not join us for a day of quiet reflection? Anthea joins me in sending you our warmest best wishes for a happy and peaceful Christmas. Your friend and Minister, Alan  
The next mid-week Communion Service is on Wednesday 11th December at 11am in the Choir Vestry.
The Bible study group will meet at the Manse on Tuesday 3rd December all welcome to come along and join us.
The annual gift service in aid of the Women’s Refuge will be on Sunday 8th December. Gifts for children / teenagers or toiletries etc. for the mothers, would be gratefully received.
The Advent Quiet Day will be at Loyola Hall once again on Saturday 7th December from 10am till 4pm. The cost is £20 which includes lunch and refreshments during the day. Please let Alan know if you wish to attend as soon as possible.
At our November meeting we had an excellent evening with our very own D.J. George Jolly. There was a good selection of music with a story about each one. The men’s Christmas dinner is on December 9th still at last year’s price of £15 per head. All gentlemen welcome, please give names to Brian Perry.
Conducted by the Revd. Alan Wickens 9th Nov Matthew Lee WILDE and Nicola WHITE
Notice from Jean Goodall
Dear All, I am putting together a book about Albion church and the Branch Churches. I have a chapter on each of our branches and invite you to give your input. ‘Don’t be shy’ it’s not going to the press. Photographs are also welcome. I am unable; as yet, to find a photograph or picture of Hazlehurst Mission except the drawing I did of it years ago so I would appreciate any you can find. I would be able to copy on the scanner a picture no larger than an A4 or I could take a photograph of a larger one and work with that. As I have been asked for a little bit of help on this matter I hope the following will encourage you to ‘give it a go’
  1. Name
  2. Picture either of yourself, a wedding or anything relevant.
  3. Just jot down how you came to belong to Albion or one of its branches.
  4. Any family connections will be welcome.
I look forward to being inundated with your efforts. This is an open ended book so that I can include information at a later date. Thank you Jean Goodall
The Albion Directory is to be updated in the New Year. Please inform Helen Mellor, Jean Goodall or Norma Stirzaker of any changes and let us have email addresses too. Thanks
Hilda, Enid and family Liz, Vivien and David Robinson John and Helen Baron Margaret and Ron Turner Eileen Gregson and family
In memory of Norah Birthday memories of a wonderful Mother Loving memories of Christopher Thanksgiving
Albion Tots group will meet at Albion Church on Friday 9.30am till 11.30am
I would like to say a big thank you to all the people who sent me cards and best wishes on the occasion of my 90th birthday. It was good to know people were thinking of me. Frances Sykes Thank you to the Charlestown Congregation for coming to Albion whilst Charlestown was being repaired. It was lovely to see you all each Sunday and it was a pleasure having you there. It was really lovely to have the time to chat to people you do not see very often. It was also lovely to see Albion Church so full of happy faces.
Pauline Taylor and Kathleen Haynes John Hey Roy and Carole Whitney Sandra Butlin Irene Whitehead
Memories of much loved Parents Memories of Judith Memories of Parents Memories of Mum and Dad, Warren and Mona Birthday Memories  
This will take place on Wednesday 4th December. See Pat for details.
10AM -11.30AM every Thursday during term time. £1.00 per family Thanks to our editor for producing this magazine every month and to Glenis for her help, no mean task.
Your prayers are asked for anyone who needs our special thoughts at this time. May God Bless them.
  Helen Mellor and family Denise, Jim, Jennie and Nicola Barbara Plenderleith Christine and Tom Mary Penky Glenys and Philip Nancy and Family. Olive and Frank 
Loving memories of James Pinder and Robert Wray two dearly loved Dads and Granddads Birthday Memories for Mum and Dad Celebrating the Wedding Anniversary of Gillian and Andrew Wedding Anniversary memories of a dear Husband Harry Loving Memories of Joyce, Philip’s Mum Loving Memories of Eric. For Loved ones
Our Gift Service will take place on 8th December. During worship we will be collecting items for the women’s refuge, if you need any further information please speak to an elder. 15th December Carol Service 22nd December GIG/Pilots will be leading worship. Following worship on 22nd December our family Christmas party will take place.
On 14th December we will be having a coffee morning from11.00 am – 1.00 pm. Refreshments will be on sale. We will be having a home bake stall, tombola and bran tub and we are asking for your help with donations for these stalls, please speak to Helen or Lesley for further details. Please keep this date free and support us, this will be the first fund raising effort for some time due to the Church being closed. If everyone supports or helps on the day it will be a success.
The elders have decided that the money collected in lieu of Christmas Cards and the Christmas Day collection will be given to Isabella a friend of Antonia, who has been very poorly and is now home from hospital but needs many adaptions to her home.
A letter has been sent on behalf of Charlestown to express our sincere thanks for the kind gift of £500. This generosity is not only a testament to the strength of our relationship but is witness to the strength of their mission and outreach to the community.
The Christmas Party will take place on Thursday 12 December and the Guild ladies are asked to be at Sunday School at 12.30pm for 1.00pm.
The cost of the Messenger remains at £6, please give your money to Gill Sarginson. This year some people have chosen to receive the Messenger electronically by e-mail. If you wish to do this please let Gill have your email address.
Have you considered paying your weekly giving by standing order? This is a much simpler way to keep on top of your giving and helps out the volunteers who count and bank weekly offertory. If you are interested please talk to Gill.