January 2014

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! After all the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations: present buying, Christmas meals, welcoming family and friends, suddenly it has all come to an end, and we are now entering a new year. So as we prepare to take the tree down and put away the decorations for another year, we might ask ourselves what difference has Christmas made for us. During the post-Christmas period you often hear people say something like ‘Well that’s all over for another year”, but that attitude misses the point. At Christmas we celebrate the incarnation – God coming to earth in the form of a tiny baby – a baby who would share our joys and sorrows and who would change the world even 2000 years later. In the words of Charles Wesley …veiled in flesh the Godhead see, hail the incarnate Deity, pleased as man with us to dwell, Jesus, our Emmanuel.’

Rather than the end, Christmas marks a new beginning. Having affirmed that God is with us, it enables us to move into the New Year with renewed confidence and hope. None of us can know for certain what the future holds in store for us despite the best efforts of astrology, but we can be assured that in all our experiences God will be there for us.

One of my particular favourite worship songs around this season is Michael Card’s moving song Emmanuel, our God is with us. That is the message that we take with us into the New Year as reassurance of the unfailing love of God. Life is not always plain sailing. We all face trials and tribulations from time to time. But then God did not promise an end to all pain and sorrow. He did not promise a perfect world either. What he did promise is that he would never leave or abandon us. God is with us in our pain and grief as well as in our joy and laughter. And it is for this reason that Christmas will never be over, it is always just beginning.

One of the old school assembly hymns comes to mind:

New every morning is the love
our wakening and uprising prove;
through sleep and darkness safely brought,
restored to life and power and thought.

So as you begin your faith journey into 2014, whatever the future may hold, may you draw strength in our Emmanuel – for our God is with us – and God’s grace and love is sufficient and everlasting.

Anthea joins me in wishing you and yours a very happy and peaceful New Year.

Your friend and Minister,



There is an Elders meeting at Hurst Nook at 7.30pm on Thursday 9th January.


The next full church meeting is at Charlestown on Saturday 18th January at 10am.


The next mid-week Communion Service is on Wednesday 8th January at 11am in the Choir Vestry and will be led by Irene Whitehead.


The men, joined by some of our friends from Hurst Methodist enjoyed an excellent Christmas Meal. Thanks and well done to Helen and her helpers.

The speaker at our meeting on January 13th is Albert Cooke with a film of his latest adventure. Please join us, you are very welcome.


Conducted by the Revd. Alan Wickens

1st Dec
David Terry CARELESS and Angela Jane MOORE


Conducted by the Revd. Barbara Plenderleith

5th Nov
At Dukinfield Crematorium
Donald Buckle (82 years)

27th Nov
At Albion and Dukinfield Crematorium
Janet Siddall  (58 years)

Conducted by the Revd. Alan Wickens
6th Dec
At Dukinfield Crematorium
Leslie MARSHALL (91 years)

18th Dec
At Albion & Dukinfield Crematorium
Stella Marie OAKES (63 years)


The Albion Directory is to be updated in the New Year. Please inform Helen Mellor, Jean Goodall or Norma Stirzaker of any changes and let us have email addresses too.


Albion URC, Stamford Street East, Ashton-under-Lyne    Tel. 0161-343 7054
Charlestown URC, Alexandra Rd., Ashton-under-Lyne
Hurst Nook URC, Nook Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne
Albion Website:    www.albionurc.org.uk

Frances Sykes
Colin Bell
Colin Bell
Hilda Enid and family


In loving memory of Leslie
In loving memory of a dear father
In memory of Jim Potter
Birthday memories of a dear father

Our thanks to these donors for reminding many of us of those we knew and loved.

Albion Tots group will meet at Albion Church on Friday 9.30am till 11.30am


A great big thank you to everyone for the support during the Christmas
Tree Festival weekend. Aren’t you all talented!!! The musical
entertainment was fantastic again, new for this year were choirs from
Audenshaw School and Rachel’s Voices. It was great to see church full
for the Willow Wood Light Up A Life Service.
The trees will be taken down on Friday 3rd January from 9.30am. Next
year will be the 10th tree festival and the theme is FESTIVALS, 12th to
14th December 2014.

Thank you. Gillian


Due to the huge commitment of time involved in carrying out the role of Albion Church Treasurer and having taken responsibility for many additional areas, John has found it increasingly difficult to manage certain areas of his church work load.

In order to ensure that he has time for family, church and work John has decided that someone else should be responsible for two of the items on his current job list:

  • Albion Church building maintenance

A Chairperson is required to chair the building committee and organise and oversee maintenance and any building projects

  • Manse maintenance and repairs

Annual assessment of repairs and improvements required, and organise and oversee.

If anyone across the Albion Fellowship is able to help, please contact David Hey ASAP.


Arthur Dagnall
Kathleen Lees
Phyllis Harrison
Jean Linney Moffatt
Kathleen Simpson


Birthday memories
Memories of friends
Memories of Paul
Birthday memories of Fred
Memories of Dear Stan Miller and our parents


Thanks to everyone who helped and donated in any way. £817 was the final total, well done.


The fellowship meeting will take place on Wednesday 8th January at 7.30pm. Revd. Barbara Plenderleith will be talking about the work of the Carpenter’s Arms.


Every Thursday 10am -11.30am during term time, £1.00 per family.


Irene Whitehead, Lenny Gordon and Arthur Dagnall

May God Bless You All.

The New Year is upon us again, where has time gone? Let’s hope next year is peaceful, happy and stress free. Keep warm and God will help us on our way. On behalf of Hurst Nook I wish all the Albion Fellowship a Happy New Year and good health to us all.


Your Prayers are asked for anyone who needs our thoughts at this time.

May God Bless them.



Glenys and Philip
Larraine Wray
Denise, Jenny and Nicola
Susan and Mary


(Apologies for omitting last month)
Wendy, Stephen and Family


Loving Memories for Mum
In memory of a wonderful husband Alan and also Wedding Anniversary
For Loved Ones
Loving Memories of Dad and Granddad’s Birthday.
Loving memories of big brother Alan Wray
Loving Memories of Husband, Dad and Granddad


(Apologies for omitting last month)
Loving Memories of Dorothy Longley

Glenys and Marjorie would like to thank all those who support the Flower Ministry throughout the year.


From all of the Charlestown fellowship we wish everyone a very happy and peaceful new year.


Huge thanks to everyone who gave so generously to this recent appeal, a total of £177.00 was raised.


A total of £140.00 was raised, many thanks to all who helped on the day and supported us. It was good to see church family and friends enjoying refreshments and fellowship after we have been closed for 12 weeks.


The cost of the Messenger remains at £6, please give your money to Gill Sarginson. This year some people have chosen to receive the Messenger electronically by e-mail. If you wish to do this please let Gill have your email address.


Our first meeting in 2014 will be on Thursday 23 January at 2.30pm, when the speaker will be our Minister, Revd. Alan Wickens. We invite any ladies in the fellowship to come along and join us.

We enjoyed our Christmas party on 12 December, when we shared some good food and had a good laugh playing party games. We are grateful to all those who helped to make the occasion such a happy time for us all. We have also enjoyed our meetings during 2013 and thank all those who have supported us during the year, especially the speakers who have given their time to come and join us. To those who haven’t been to one of our meetings, why not give it a try? You will be most welcome.

We wish everyone a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.


A decision was made at our most recent meeting that Evening Worship will take place on the third Sunday of each month until further notice. 


Our thoughts and prayers continue at this time for all who are unwell and going through a difficult time: Keith Culpan, Hannah and Ronnie Clare. We also think about and pray for Amy Marshall and her family at this sad time, following the death of her husband Lesley and we pray for Vincent Smith and his family following the death of his wife Rose and also the death of his sister Marie.

Albion United Reformed Church

Stamford St E, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 6QQ