August / September 2017

This Month’s Letter


The United Reformed Church is part of a world-wide family of over 70 million Christians which grew out of the religious changes of the 16th Century in Europe. These changes are now called the Protestant Reformation.

We play a dynamic and challenging part in the British Christian community, despite being one of the smaller mainstream denominations. Sixty-eight thousand people make up 1500 congregations, with nearly 700 ministers, paid and unpaid.

Our roots lie in the work of some of the Protestant “reformers” in particular John Calvin (1509-1664) – a French theologian and pastor who worked for most of his life in Geneva. Calvin’s ideas changed the Church of England, and many of its leading ministers, under the reigns of King Edward VI, Queen Mary (when many of the leaders fled to Europe) and Queen Elizabeth I. His ideas led to the development of, amongst others, Presbyterian, Independent, and Congregational churches.

Nowadays, in the UK, this Reformed tradition is represented in the United Reformed Church, the Church of Scotland, the Free Church of Scotland and the Congregational Federation. Four streams of reformed Christianity (the Presbyterian Church of England, the Congregational Church of England and Wales, the Churches of Christ and the Congregational Union of Scotland) united between 1972 and 2000 to become the United Reformed Church.

Reformed Christians developed values that are now part of our everyday lives – freedom of thought, democracy and equality, separation of Church and State and a healthy suspicion of those who govern. Readers are encouraged to look at the website to explore the URC in more detail, at the hallmarks of the United Reformed Church, in particular, and Reformed Christians in general.

The Reformers of the 16th Century believed that the church would always need to be reformed; as soon as the Church stopped being self-critical it would fossilize. Over the years this has meant that Reformed Churches have been able to adapt to, and learn from, what God was saying to us through our surroundings. 

At the heart of our tradition, therefore, is a need to be self-aware and self-critical. All our structures, ideas, theology and ways of working are provisional – as God is still speaking. This idea is encapsulated by George Caird in his hymn:

Not far beyond the sea, nor high above the heavens,

but very nigh your voice, O God, is heard.

For each new step of faith we take

you have more truth and light to break forth from your holy word.

UNITED REFORMED CHURCH WEBSITES A reminder that both the National URC Website:  and the URC North West Synod Website:  are useful sources of up to date information, news and resources.


Fellowship Information

6th September7.30pmHurst Nook FellowshipHurst Nook
7th September7.30pmEldersCharlestown
9th September11am – 4pmHeritage DayAlbion
9th September11am -1pmBBQ and Car WashCharlestown
10th September10.300 amMessy ChurchAlbion
10th SeptemberAfter WorshipAlbion Half Yearly MeetingMemorial Chapel
14th September1.30pmThe CircleMemorial Chapel
23rd September10.30am – 1pmHarvest Coffee MorningHurst Nook

Fellowship Information


The next Elders Meeting will be held on Thursday September 7th 2017 at 7.30pm at Charlestown. We are delighted that Rev Darren Holland will be joining us to discuss Missional Discipleship as we begin to explore this as a fellowship.

If anyone is interested in becoming a Responsible Person for weddings at Albion would you please contact John B. For anyone not knowing what the role entails the Responsible Person acts as the Registrar entering the person’s details in the wedding registers after ensuring that all legalities have been done. (Attention to detail is required)
John will continue being the main Responsible Person and will divide all weddings as equally as possible bearing in mind dates people are not available. At present we have three people performing this role but could do with another as on occasions this last year unavailable dates have nearly clashed.

At 11.00am on Wednesday 12 July members of Albion church and Charlestown church met at Charlestown church to celebrate the Lord’s Supper in midweek communion. As is written in Mathew 18: 20 “for where two or more are gathered together in my name, I am there in the midst of them”.
We were more than three together and as we worshiped Jesus presence and the Holy Spirit was felt amongst us. We broke bread together sharing the broken body of Christ and shared the cup of the new of the new covenant being the blood of Christ. As we shared these emblems of Christ body and blood we proclaimed the Lord’s death till he comes again. This was as is recorded in 1 Corinthians 20 to 29.
After communion, we shared fellowship together and shared lunch.
The next mid-week communion will not be until October. God willing, we will meet there again.

During the months of September and October we hold our harvest thanksgiving services; we also think of and donate to Commitment for Life. Commitment for Life is twenty-five years old this year and on behalf of Commitment for Life I thank you for your continued support and generosity.

The next meetings will take place on Thursday 14th September 13:30 in the Memorial Chapel, Albion – please bring a small stone to paint and on Thursday 12th October 13:30 in the Memorial Chapel.

Albion News & Dates



FLOWERS                              AUGUST

Colin Bell                                  Camping holiday memories of Jim Potter

The Gregson family                   Loving memories of our Mum and Dad joined in eternal peace August 15th and August 21st

Judith, Phil, Nicola and             In loving memory of Mum and Dad

Debbie                                       (Southon) Nana and Grandad

Hilda, Enid and families            In loving memory of a very dear father

FLOWERS                                  SEPTEMBER

Bob and Barbara D                     Thankful for many years together

Colin B                                         Birthday memories of a very dear father

Martin, Val, Claire and Karen                 Birthday memories of a very dear father and grandad                                        

Brian P                                        Wedding anniversary                              

Barbara D                                   In loving memory of a very dear father Albert Nokes

Olive W                                Harry and Olive’s wedding anniversary, always missed

The Gregson family                      Birthday memories of Eileen Gregson

May the Lord be with all these friends uniting them in your love


Thanks on behalf of David, Roman and Jeff to everyone who took part in the Whit Walks.


On Wednesday night Albion is always very lively with Rainbows, Brownies and Guides. Claire S started as a Brownie and progressed through Guides and Rangers gaining her Baden Powell Award. Girl guiding gave Claire the privilege of being one of the first people though the “Euro-tunnel”. Claire has been a leader at Albion Guides, Rangers and Rainbows. She has more than 23 years’ service 17 of them with Rainbows. Claire is taking a break from Guiding and the leaders and girls at Albion would like to say a big thank you for all she has done. We have a fantastic team of leaders and offer a wide variety of activities for the girls. If you know of anyone who might like to join in the fun and become a leader or if you have a skill to share for one or two meetings please contact Gillian. We are proud to announce, Katie D one of the older Guides has been selected to go to represent Girlguiding Manchester on a community project in Romania. There are exciting times ahead as the Guiding programme changes and develops to meet the needs of today’s girls.


The Treasurer acknowledges with thanks a donation of £1,000 from Dorothy C in Memory of her husband Alan.  The money will be placed in the Thanksgiving Fund.

The Treasurer acknowledges with thanks a bequest from the late Edward Bamford of £5,000 towards general funds.


A big thank you to Doris A as she steps down as “pulpit supply secretary” at Albion. Doris has fulfilled this important role giving many years of dedicated service to providing speakers for Albion. If anyone would like to help fulfil this role in the future please contact David H.


Mary W would like to thank everyone for their cards and good wishes received on her retirement.          Congratulations on your retirement Mary.


The total donated in the envelope collection amounted, together with Gift Aiding, to £220-50p.

Thank you to all who contributed


Ken and Margaret G are very proud of their Grandson, Gavin Jack Morice who has graduated with distinction from Keel University.

Our best wishes go to all young people awaiting exam results – Congratulations to those who have graduated this year, to those who are finishing school and have gained employment and to those changing school or college.


The Church Anniversary and Gift Day is one of the most important fund raising days in our church calendar.  This year however I accept the main reason for it being missed by some of the members is because I forgot to get it published in the church Messenger magazine. Hopefully this will not be the case in the future as I am hoping to have more time to give to church now I am retired. Although the actual date has passed it is not too late to make a donation, as these can be given at any time. Albion is an important building to us, the URC in general and to the town itself. We balance the maintenance of the building with our responsibility to support other charitable causes. I would therefore ask that you give as generously as you feel able to, as this is one of our major fundraising events of the year. Last year the sum of £1,030 was donated.  So far this year we have had donations totalling £335. Please consider donating if you missed the actual Gift Day and please consider gift aiding the donation.

John B Treasurer


If you have any unwanted bric-a-brac please bring it to Albion for future fairs. Anne

MESSY CHURCH On Sunday 16th July Albion Church enjoyed the monthly messy church activity praying that young children would enjoy church. We encourage messy church as a way of investing in children for they are the future of our church. The scripture for this particular Sunday was Matthew 13

“The Parable of the Sower. Glenis organised seeds, soil, plant pots and decorations. Whilst these were being prepared we shared a prayer of blessings for the children and their families. Roman shared the parable story with the children and discussed where and why the seeds fell. We then had a short song to guitar accompaniment then the children dived into seeds soil and mess. At this Roman absented himself as he was keen to hear the message being delivered by our visiting preacher Eddie Inglis who preached an excellent message around the Samaritan lady at the well. This is the story found in the Gospel of John chapter.4. Jesus said,” whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst again. This from vs 13, 14. Are you thirsty? Who out there is thirsty? Come drink of the water that Jesus will give you and become of the fountain of water springing up into everlasting life. What a wonderful story this is. May the Lord bless us and keep us, may the Lord let his face shine may upon us, be gracious to us and give us peace. Numbers 6: 24.

All families are welcome to join us at Messy Church Sunday 10:30am at Albion on 10th September, 22nd October and 19th November.


This year we will again be dressing in Victorian costume to welcome guests to view the beautiful Albion Church building. The registers will be on show along with displays showing the heritage of Albion. Jean has produced information guides to help anyone willing to steward at the event. Please contact Jean if you can help or if you have any artefacts from Albion we could display. The church will be open from 11am to 4pm on Saturday 9th September – there will of course be food available.


A meeting will be held following the service on Sunday 10th September. Please try to attend and join in the meeting.


Chas H, Jean and Roy G, David H, Val and Martin B, Mary B, Doris W, Doris A, Hilda F and anyone who needs our prayers at this time.  Happy Birthday to those with a “special” birthday this month. There is a prayer book in Albion, please add concerns; to be included in our prayers of intercession.

ALBION PARENTS AND TOTS  Friday morning 9:30am -11:00am term time only. In the memorial chapel. £1 per family ALL welcome.

HELP is needed between 9am and 11:15 each Friday. Charlotte, one of our leaders, started full time work at a nursery in May and can no longer attend. Thank you, Charlotte, for all the work you have done at Albion.

John B Treasurer Albion URC thanks for their support in supplying slate which enables articles to be made for sale, raising valuable funds for church.

Charlestown News & Dates



FLOWERS                                            AUGUST

Barbara P                                    Loving Memories of her Mother

FLOWERS                                            SEPTEMBER

Christine Wilkinson                        Birthday Wishes for Gillian and Carole

Glenys and Phillip                          Loving memories of Phillip’s Dad

Larrayne and family                       Loving memories of a wonderful Mum and Dad

Helen Mellor                                  Loving memories of a dear friend Betty Cotterill

CHARLESTOWN CHRISTMAS CARD As agreed at the full church meeting this year, each branch will design their own card. In our wish to engage more with our local community through the Christmas card, ideas were discussed at a recent pastoral elders meeting. We would like to invite anyone from our fellowship to meet together in order to share ideas. If you are interested please give your name to Christine, and a meeting can be arranged.

This is an exciting opportunity to let the community and local schools know that we don’t just open on a Sunday. 

COFFEE MORNING SEPTEMBER 9TH We will be having a BBQ, car wash and raffle and hopefully sunshine from 11.00 to 1.00 pm. We are trying something new and ask for your support

FAMILY NEWS AND CONCERNS We look forward to the baptism of Lucas James son of Nicola and Andy on the 10th of September. Congratulations Kitty and Adam who have both just graduated. Good luck to you as you move into the next steps on your journeys.

We pray for Vincent S who needs our love and support at the moment and we continue to pray for Doris and Karen H

Hurst Nook News & Dates



FLOWERS                                     AUGUST

May W                                          Birthday memories

Marion T                                       Memories of Frank

Flo J                                              Memories of loved ones

FLOWERS                                    SEPTEMBER

Brenda and Vinney C                    Wedding anniversary

Roy and Carole W                         Wedding anniversary and Mum’s Birthday


We send our heartfelt thanks to Sandra B who has been putting together Hurst Nook’s contribution to the Messenger for many years and has now decided to take a break. Thanks again Sandra and we know you will continue to support us in any way you can to fit in with your own personal commitments with Martin at home.


Donald B would like to thank all friends at Charlestown and Hurst Nook for their cards and good wishes on the occasion of his 80th  Birthday.

We hope Donald had a good time with his family on his 80th birthday on June 17th


Congratulations to Roy and Carole W who will be celebrating their Golden Wedding on the 23rd September- a significant achievement these days. We wish them both well in their celebrations.

Hope the young members of our congregation enjoy their break from school and return refreshed and with their batteries fully charged! The parents/carers will be just about ready for them to go back by then. Phew.


There is no meeting in August. The next fellowship meeting will be Wednesday 6th September where we are hoping someone will be able to talk to us about the work of the street pastors.


There will be a Harvest coffee morning on Saturday 23rd September from 10.30am to 1pm. Admission 50p, all welcome.

HURST NOOK TOTS Tot’s takes place every Thursday from 10am to 11.30am

£1 per family.  All are welcome.


Muriel B, Vinney C, Denise M, Callum H, Jean B,

Roy S and Jean M


Sadie S, Riley S, Barbara C and Pamela D.


Natalie W thankfully back in circulation after her surgery and looking and feeling much better. May W, in the middle of her treatment and putting on a brave face as always and Irene W who has not felt 100% recently and it’s always lovely to see her at church when she feels well enough to come.

Natalie sends this message:

 “to everyone who sent get well cards, flowers and phone calls and said prayers for me. Thank you. I am very much better and hope that things will stay that way”.

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